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Happiness - Yasmin Levy
I drink and drink and drink in order to forget you
I sleep and sleep and sleep so that I don't think of you
Damn world
To live to pay for the sin of loving you
Damn you
Let go of me
I'm telling you, I have no life
And it's all because of you
My nights are just like my days
Full of loneliness
Oh, My God
Help me kill this love
That's in my heart
You, Holy God, save me
Alone, walking on the roads of this world
I have no more strength to fight
I thought loving you was the cure of pain
But the pain grew bigger and bigger
I'm leaving you for good, my life, but don't ever forget
That I'm a man who existed in your life
I'll offer you the song of my life, forever
Until the day I'll die
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It's Spanish not French...:)

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