Loop de loop (превод на енглески)

превод на енглескиенглески

Loop de Loop

Everyone is singing
So we all go there together
To dance the loop de loop
Loop di loop di loop la
To sing loop di la
Loop di loop di da
Twisting the loop de loop, yeah
Oh, everyone with me
It comes to us every day,
A tune that you have to learn
For the loop de loop it’s childish
You have to pick it back up with us
Let’s go
Twisting the loop de loop
That’s right we twist
Twisting the loop de la
Loop di loop di la
Try the loop de loop
Everyone with us
You understood
You know the loop di loop
Now we can continue
Until we’ve had enough
One, two, three
You know the loop de loop
Loop di loop di loop la
You dance the loop di la
Oh, oh loop di la
Do you love the loop de loop
Why yes I love it
So let’s go
Loop, loop have fun
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Loop de loop

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