They Come Telling Me


Jayin Ya Oulouli

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They Come Telling Me

They come and tell me my darling has melted
They come and tell me he's experienced torment
Thinking I'm at ease in his absence
When my heart has melted in his absence
Since the day he left I swear to god I've been sleep deprived
And that which is happening to me and happened to me has never happened to him

They blamed me and said enough
Bewilderment, desire, torment, separation and bitterness
I said oh people leave me alone enough
Since he left I've been in fire

Who can I complain to when everyone is unjust
Who can I complain to?
Who can I complain to?
Lord knows what I must do

If one night they could see the tears of my eyes
If one night they could feel my fire
As if they know what is in my heart
From bewilderment, desire, and bitterness
And not as if they had not once blamed me or said empty talk
I was going to leave you my darling and chook fire

My heart, in love, chose pain
It had never loved or been confused before
It left me alone and I suffer in its presence
I am between madness and fire, madness and fire

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