Where are your hands (Wo sind eure Hände)

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Where are your hands

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I hear (?) everything is so important, that's obvious
The others do it too, yes yes, really exactly is important
You can really believe that I believe that from you
Back and then forward again, ok it will be correct
Keep standing, because else you are beaten
Laus(? think i know what it means but not in english :/), but not too far
My head is full till up
My shadows are passing me by
I hear 1000 Diagnoses, yesyes, obvious, whatever
Today we're here
The world remains for the door
What counts now, are you
Where are your hands?
Chaos in the system
even when we go down
i want to see you all
Where are your hands?
your hands, your hands
I hear, you can trust at that
Don't ask, everything is planned
That what will happen to me tomorrow
You have already forseen/presumpted/supposed that yesterday
Left right up down, i arrive nowhere
Hear 1000 diagnoses, yes yes already obvious whatever
today we're here
the world remains for the door
what counts now are you
where are your hands?
chaos in the system
also when we go down
i want to see you all
where are your hands
your hands your hands
chaos in the system, i want to see you all
yesyes, already obvious, whatever
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Wo sind eure Hände

Ich hör alles ist so wichtig, schon klar.
Die anderen machens auch, jaja ganz genau ist richtig.
Glaubt ruhig, dass ich euch das glaub.
Zurück und dann wieder nach vorne, ok wird schon richtig sein.


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Caroline     October 5th, 2010

Wink thank you so much for this tranlation, my first language is portuguese I haven't found any translantion of wo sind eure händ that makes sence for me, so I decided to look for it in english and I really understand yours ! :biggrin:

bi11ie     June 24th, 2016

Many parts of this translation don't make much sense in English because they're translated too literally. I'm submitting a better translation.