Like water (Como el agua)

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Like water

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Divine light of my heart
Illuminating my heart
My body walks cheerfully
Because it's carrying your illusion.
Oh, like water.
Like water.
Like water.
Like clear water
Running down from the mountain,
I want to see you
Day and night.
Oh, like water.
Like water.
Like water.
I want all of your warmth
My body is yours
If you want
We both have fire
Running in our blood.
Oh, like water.
Like water.
Like water.
If your eyes were
Green olive,
All night long, I would be
Crushing, crushing,
All night long, I would be
Crushing, crushing,
Crushing, crushing
Oh, like water.
Like water.
Like water.
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*moler => to grind/to do a lot of physical efforts

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Como el agua

Luz del alma mia divina
que a mi me alumbra mi corazon
mi cuerpo alegre camina
porque de ti lleva la ilusion.
Ay, como el agua.
Como el agua.
Como el agua.


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Calusarul5 years 36 weeks
Lere Lolailo     September 22nd, 2012

The end part is wrong, I'm sorry.

"Si tus ojillos fueran, aceitunitas verdes, toa la noche estaria MUELE que MUELE, MUELE que MUELE"

Which is not I wouldn't sleep, I'm tired.

Muele comes from moler, which mean to crush something, triturate.

The majority of people crushing the olives, triturating them, between hard rocks, were gypsies, and that's where that comes from.

So it's "toa (toda) la noche estaria muele que muele"

"All through the night I would be crushing (the olives, touching her green eyes), crushing and crushing" ....or triturating, doesn't sound the same in English, granted, but it's the proper translation, the other one is completely wrong.

purplelunacy     September 22nd, 2012

Thanks a lot for you correction Lere Lolailo !! =)

Lere Lolailo     September 23rd, 2012

Np! hehe
Not many people know that, not even here, they just sing the words to it.
Plus it's all in andalucian, like "si tus OJILLOS fueran ACEITUNITAS verdes", ojillos or ojitos or sojos, is ojos and acetunitas or aceitunillas is acietunas/olivas, in andalucian.
Glad to be of assistance.