Away with me (Via con me)

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Away with me

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Away, away, get away with me
Nothing more binds you to these places
Not even these blue flowers
Let's get away, let's get away, not even this grey time
Full of musics and people that you liked
It's wonderfull-repeated-your lines, so I skip
Away Away, let's get away
Enter this dark love, don't get lost for anything in the world
away, away, don't get lost for anything in the world
The art spectacle differs depending on someone who is in love with you
It's wonderfull .....
Away , away, let's get away.
Enter this dark love full of people
Away, away, enter and take a warm bath
There s a blue bath gown (nearby), it rains a cold world outside
It s wonderfull......
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Via con me

Via, via, vieni via di qui,
niente più ti lega a questi luoghi,
neanche questi fiori azzurri…
via, via, neache questo tempo grigio