Petros Gaitanos - I Zoí En Táfo (Ἡ ζωή ἐν τάφω) (English translation)

English translation

The Life inside a grave

The Life inside a grave
You were laid, Christ,
and armies of angels were astound,
they praise Your condescedence
(You) The Life how can You die?
How can You reside in a grave?
You abolish the realm of death
and resurrect Hades’ dead.
We exalt You,
Jesus King,
and honour Your burial and Your woes,
which saved us from dissolution
The One who placed all standards on earth,
(You are) lodging in a diminutive,
Jesus Global King, grave today,
resurrecting the deceased from the sepulchres
The Ruler of everything
appearing dead,
and laid in an empty sepulchre,
the One who emptied the sepulchres of the dead
As if by a fount,
the double(large) river,
poured forth from your side, irrigates us,
thus we reap the eternal Life.
The most beautiful
than all mortals,
looking as indifferent dead,
the One who beautified the nature of everything
Jesus, my sweet
and salvific light,
how can you be hidden away in a dark grave,
the One having ineffable and unutterable forbearance!
Whereas mortal You die,
willingly Saviour,
thereas God you resurrected the dead
from graves and the depths of sins
Nature wonders too,
spiritual and swarming
bodyless, Christ, (about) the mystery
of your unexpressible and unutterable burial
Oh strange miracles!
Oh new things!
The provider of my breath is carried breathless,
inhumed by the hand of Joseph
From dissolution came my life to, Saviour,
You by dying and by visiting
the dead and by crashing
Hades’ bars
Oh lamp of light
now the flesh of God
under the earth buried like under a peck (of dirt)
and banishing the darkness in Hades
Under the earth You were buried
now just as a sun,
covered by the night of death
but risen brighter, Saviour
Onto the earth You descended,
to save Adam,
and since You didn’t find him on earth, Ruler,
You went down as far as Hades searching.
Just as a grain of wheat,
plunged in earths’ bosom,
You delivered ear of corn to the beflooded (by the Great Flood) ,
and You resurrected the mortals, Adam's scion
As the sun’s disk
by the moon, Saviour,
(can be) hidden, and You got hidden by a grave now,
Your flesh eclipsed by death
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Author's comments:

Not actually a song but more of a byzantine music psalm in biblical Greek

Greek (classical)

I Zoí En Táfo (Ἡ ζωή ἐν τάφω)

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TrampGuy    Sun, 08/04/2012 - 00:16

Thanks for the translation! I've actually seen this other, older, version that you've posted but I got to admit - I prefer the Gaitanos version better.

Anyway, the Orthodox Easter is approaching, so I hope I'll get a chance to hear a good live version this week Regular smile

evfokas    Sun, 08/04/2012 - 08:56

@TrampGuy: You are welcome. I'll make some modifications in the future to make the translation more accurate, since biblical Greek is an evolution of alexandrian Greek a language richer and more dense in meanings than modern languages. This makes word for word translation impossible.

TrampGuy    Sun, 08/04/2012 - 14:10

I see, makes complete sense. It's nice to see people who take these translations work seriously.