The lil' marchin' band (La cumparsita)

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The lil' marchin' band

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If you realised,
that still inside my soul,
I uphold that affection
I had for you...
Who knows if you realised
that I haven't forgotten you ever,
when turning back to your past
if you think of me...
Friends no longer come
not even for a visit,
nobody wants to console me
in my affliction...
From the day you left
I feel anguish in my chest,
tell me, darling, "what have you done
to my poor heart?"
I always remember you
with the devine affection
I had for you.
And you are everywhere,
part of my life,
and those eyes that were my joy
I look for them everywhere
and I can't find them.
In the abandoned flatlet
not even the morning sun
peeks through the window
as it did when you were here,
and that companion puppy,
that didn't eat in your absense,
upon seeing me alone the other day
it also left me.
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The lyrics have nothing to do with the title since they were added later to the well known melody

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La cumparsita

Si supieras,
que aún dentro de mi alma,
conservo aquel cariño
que tuve para ti...
Quién sabe si supieras
que nunca te he olvidado,
volviendo a tu pasado
te acordarías de mí...


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michealt1 year 23 weeks
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michealt     October 8th, 2015

The last two lines of the first stanza are bad English, that word "if" needs to move up to the beginning of the first of these two lines if they are to be anything like normal English usage.

In the last stanza, maybe "now" could be added at the beginning of the second verse? It doesn't really matter, but would make the time contrast between this verse and teh 4th of the same staza a bit more obvious (as it is with "ya" in the Spanish text).

michealt     October 8th, 2015