They Killed My Mother (La mamma morta)

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They Killed My Mother

They killed my mother
At the door of my room;
She died and saved me!
Later, in the dead of night
I was wandering with Bersi
When suddenly
A pale glow flashes
And it lightens ahead of me
The dark street!
I look!
My home was burning!
So I was alone!
And all around me, nothing!
Hunger and misery!
Deprivation, danger!
I fell ill,
And Bersi, so good and pure
Made a market of her beauty
For my sake -
I bring misfortune to all those who loves me!
It was in that grief
That love came to me!
A voice full of harmony and it says:
'You have to live! I am the life itself!
Your heaven is in my eyes
You're not alone!
I'll collect all your tears!
I'll walk with you and support you!
Smile and hope! I am love!
Are you surrounded by blood and mud?
I am divine! I am oblivion!
I'm the God that descends on Earth
From the Empyrean, I turn Earth
Into heaven! Ah!
I'm love, I'm love, love
And the angel approaches with a kiss
And the Death is kissing you.
My body is a dying body.
So take it
I've already died!
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La mamma morta

La mamma morta m'hanno
alla porta della stanza mia;
Moriva e mi salvava!
poi a notte alta
io con Bersi errava,
quando ad un tratto
un livido bagliore guizza
e rischiara innanzi a' passi miei


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