My Sweet Baby

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My Sweet Baby

My baby, sweet baby
I see you smiling when I close my eyes
’Cause I miss you, I need you right now

I’m sorry that I couldn’t say “I’m home” enough
Never knew I’d make you feel lonely
I overused my favorite phrase of “I’m tired” too, huh?
Waiting at home is just as taxing

And we’re back to screaming
Trivial things again
Can’t stop the rain!
So say we both realize without conceding
Together again!
’Cause only you can drive me crazy

My baby, sweet baby, oh
You’re the only one who tenderly embraces
This me who can’t be honest about how he feels

(When I’m with her, face to face)
(Only when I'm with you)
(Will let the music in my heart)
(Make the feelings so real)

Do you believe in destiny?
’Cause I can’t deny, baby, you and I
What’s the reason behind us being here?

Suppose our chance meeting wasn’t a fluke
What more troubles will come to pass?

Pondering how things stand
Burdening you again
I’ve also depended on you too much like that today
’Cause only I can’t drive you crazy!

“For the rest of our lives together, I’ll say ‘My baby, sweet baby’ to you”
I think about how badly I wish to express that to you

Hey baby, please tell me, oh
Without words is okay
Even just smiling by my side is enough for me!

The world’s in a hurry
Let’s stop our time in advance
There’s nothing to worry
The hours won’t steal us away!

My sweet baby

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My Sweet Baby