Wonders transpire (Wunder geschehen)

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Wonders transpire

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Even the destiny
and the fear comes over night.
I am sad.
Just now, I have still laughed
and thought of something beautiful.
Even the longing
and the happiness comes over night
I want to love. (I want to love.)
Even when one makes mistakes thereby,
I haven't thought it up for me.
Wonders transpire (wonders transpire)
I have seen it (I have seen it)
There's so much that we don't understand
Wonders transpire (wonders transpire)
I was there (I was there)
We may not believe just what we see.
On and on
On and on - straight out
Don't despair,
'cause no one holds you back there.
Come, stand yourself up again.
Whatever happens (whatever happens)
I stay here (I stay here)
I go the entire, long way with you.
Whatever happens (whatever happens)
Wonders transpire
Wonders transpire
Whatever happens,
wonders transpire
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Author's comments:

I thought 'transpire' was a better word, especially since the ending has both 'geschehen' and 'passiert.'

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Wunder geschehen

firstadair     January 5th, 2012

What about 'Miracles Happen', better title, yes? Whatever happens, miracles happen.