I Already Know It


Ya Lo Se

Ciérrame las puertas en la cara
Pásame con otro por enfrente
Grítame que no con la mirada
Para ver si dejo de quererte.

Vuélveme a decir que no me quieres
Para que me quede bien clarito
Para ver si en todas las paredes
Dejo de escribir te necesito.

Ya lo se
Que aunque llore, te pida y te implore
No vas a volver
Ya lo se
Pero mi corazón como diablos
Se lo hago entender

Ya lo se
Que aunque tu no me quieras yo siempre
Te recordare
Dime que aunque te pida, te llore,
te ruegue, te implore
No vas a volver.

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I Already Know It

Close the doors in my face
Pass in front of me with someone else
Shout to me not with the eyes
To see if I stop loving you.

Tell me again that you don't love me
So that it stays very clear to me
To see if I stop writing 'I need you'
On all the walls.

I already know it
That although I may cry, beg you, implore you
You're not going to come back.
I already know
But how the hell do I make
My heart understand it?

I already know it
That although you don't love me
I will always remember you
Look at me
Tell me that although I may beg you, cry to you,
pray you, implore you
You're not going to come back.

Submitted by Katherine0825 on Sun, 07/03/2010 - 03:00
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UserPosted ago
algebra4 years 19 weeks
chaunna     April 29th, 2010

Me encanta esta cancion...I love this song!! Its so true for me.... Thank you so much!! I love it!!

Katherine0825     May 1st, 2010

Smile If I haven't heard a song I've translated, I usually look it up and listen to it, and I loved it too.

jaeblade151     December 11th, 2010

Katherine0825 thanks for the translation of Ya Lo Se. I LOVE THE SONG TOO!!!!