I Already Know It (Ya Lo Se)

I Already Know It

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Close the doors in my face
Pass in front of me with someone else
Shout to me not with the eyes
To see if I stop loving you.

Tell me again that you don't love me
So that it stays very clear to me
To see if I stop writing 'I need you'
On all the walls.

I already know it
That although I may cry, beg you, implore you
You're not going to come back.
I already know
But how the hell do I make
My heart understand it?

I already know it
That although you don't love me
I will always remember you
Look at me
Tell me that although I may beg you, cry to you,
pray you, implore you
You're not going to come back.

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Ya Lo Se

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UserPosted ago
algebra5 years 9 weeks
chaunna     April 29th, 2010

Me encanta esta cancion...I love this song!! Its so true for me.... Thank you so much!! I love it!!

Katherine0825     May 1st, 2010

Smile If I haven't heard a song I've translated, I usually look it up and listen to it, and I loved it too.

jaeblade151     December 11th, 2010

Katherine0825 thanks for the translation of Ya Lo Se. I LOVE THE SONG TOO!!!!