What is wrong my love? (Zorun Ne Sevgilim)

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What is wrong my love?

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Generations are running out, diminishing,
So then why are we always so sad?
Not revealing out hearts,
So annotated by love.
So shaken up and ready to fall,
I do not mind going out to an event,
Fed up early of a one-sided love,
We have seen many departures.
What is wrong my love?
This causes my heart to break and smash to pieces,
Images of hardships are reflected, what my love?
Why are you starting a new war now?
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Zorun Ne Sevgilim

Neslimiz tükeniyor, azalıyoruz,
Peki neden hep böyle biz üzülüyoruz?
Yüreğini ortaya koyan kalmadı.
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