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Welcome to! This site is dedicated to the translation of song lyrics. Lyrics, translations, music videos, and all other content are added solely by site users.

Para ver las preguntas frecuentes en otros idiomas, usa los links encima de este texto. Cambiar el idioma de los menús no traduce todo este documento.

  • - Pedir la traducción de la letra de una canción en cualquier idioma a cualquier otro idioma.
  • - Agregar una traducción de una letra en cualquier idioma a cualquier otro idioma.
  • - Comment on translations of other users and receive feedback on your translations - this will improve your knowledge and help others to improve.
  • - Únete a una discusión en nuestro foro de letras.
  • - Encontrar un buen traductor de cualquier idioma a cualquier otro idioma.

Join us! It's free. You'll enjoy yourself while helping others, communicating, and educating yourself. 'Cause songs and song meanings carry the essence of every culture.

Esta breve lista de preguntas frecuentes puede servirte como referencia.

Can't find the answer? Ask your question here: forum (in public) or here: contact us form (in private)

1.1 ¿Cómo agrego la traducción de una letra?

First of all, you should be logged in to add a translation. Also, when you want to add a translation, it’s very important to use lyrics and artist information which may already exist on the site.

First, use artist search to find a page related to a singer / band who sings the song you’d like to translate.

Have you found the artist you were looking for?

  • Si es así, deberías
  • a) find song name on the artist’s page
  • b) follow the link - you’ll see an “Add new translation” button on the song’s page
  • If there’s no such song in a list, use the “Add new translation” button which is on the artist’s main page. In this case you’ll be asked to add original lyrics text along with its translation.

Can't find the artist you're looking for?

  • If there’s no such artist in our database, you should
  • a) use the menu at the top of the page: Menu -> Translations -> "Add new translation" button
  • b) there fill in artist’s name and additional information about this artist (if you know any - it’ll be useful for others), lyrics text and your translation. After that, an artist’s page with lyrics and translation will be created automatically

You may also see: 2. Translation matters and 2.4 How do I use ‘add a translation / add a request’ forms?

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1.2 ¿Cómo pido una traducción de una canción?

First of all, you should be logged in to request a song translation. Then if you know for sure how an artist name and a song title for a song you’re interested in are spelled, follow these steps:

  • a) First, use translation search by translations database. Maybe the translation you look for already exists here.
  • b) Second, use request search by request database. May be the translation you look for is already requested by someone else. If that’s your case, follow the link and press ‘Subscribe’ on the page of this request. You’ll be notified by email when someone adds the translation.
  • c) Third, if that’s not your case, use artist search by artist database

    Have you found the artist who sings the song you’re interested in?

    If yes, then find the title of your song on the artist’s page, follow the link, and use ‘Request new translation’ button on the song page. If there’s no such song in a song list, use the ‘Request new translation’ button on the page. In this case you’ll be asked to provide the song lyrics - to make it possible for a translator to read and translate the song.

    If there’s no such artist, use the menu at the top of the page: Menu -> Requests -> "Add new request" button. Then you’ll be asked to add artist’s name and additional information about this artist (if you know any - it’ll be useful for others).

If you can’t go through all the previous steps because you don’t know an artist name and / or a song title are incorrectly spelled, first use forum to identify it.

Please note that the number of requests is limited to two open requests per one song.

You may also see: 2.4 How do I use ‘add new translation / request a translation’ forms

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1.3 ¿Cómo agrego el texto de una canción?

Lo primero, es necesario iniciar tu sesión para agregar el texto de una canción. Y cuando quieras agregarlo, es muy importante usar las letras e información sobre el artista que ya hay en esta web, si las hay.

First, use artist search to find page related to the singer / band who sings the song.

Can you see the artist you look for? If yes, then use "Add new song" button on his page.

Can’t you see the artist you look for? If there’s no such artist in our database, you should:

  • a) use this submit lyrics form.
  • b) there fill in artist’s name and additional information about this artist (if you know any - it’ll be useful for others), along with lyrics text. After that, an artist’s page with lyrics and translation will be created automatically and will be available through artist search form.

If you want to add song lyrics together with its translation(s), see 1.1 How do I add a lyrics translation?

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1.4 How do I request a transcription of a song?

Before requesting a transcription of the lyrics for a song, please check we don't already have in the site. The song you look for might have been uploaded with different spelling, listed in a different artist page (specially if the song's a collab or a cover of another song) or uploaded in the forums.

If you can't find the song you're looking for, you should fill in the lyrics transcription form. To reach it, follow the menu at the top of the page -> Requests -> Request lyrics transcription.

Ten en cuenta que puedes dejar en blanco casi todos los campos si no estás seguro del artista. Los únicos campos obligatorios son un enlace al sonido o archivo de video, y el idioma (puedes seleccionar "Desconocido" si no sabes.

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1.5 ¿Cómo edito una traducción, una canción, o un artista?

Lo primero, es necesario iniciar tu sesión para editar información en esta web. Una vez iniciada la sesión, se pueden dar dos situaciones:

I. You want to edit information submitted by you - it’s a translation you posted, an artist or lyrics added by you. Then you should go to the content page - it may be a translation page or an artist page or a song text page and there you’ll see an ‘Edit’ button at the top of the page (just below the content header). Of course, you should be logged in to see this button - double check it.

II. You want to correct information submitted by someone else. Then you may take any (or all) of these steps:

  • a) Write your corrections in page comments. Thus, a correct information becomes available to all visitors, including page author.
  • b) Write a private message (PM) with corrections to the page author, so that he’ll be able to correct mistakes by himself.
  • c) Write a private message (PM) with corrections to someone from a moderating team.

And please, give as much details as possible. I.e. don’t write messages like “That’s wrong!” but tell how is right.

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1.6 ¿Cómo borro mi cuenta?

Para eliminar tu cuenta, ve a tu página de perfil, selecciona "Editar" y luego el botón "Eliminar cuenta".

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2.1 Traducciones duplicadas

Please do not add duplicate translations if you'd like to change a couple of words. In this case it’s better to point to inaccuracies in comments, or contact a translator via PM service.

If you want to add your own unique translation, add a translation as a new one. See 1.1 How do I add a translation?

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2.2 Can I add a translation done by someone else?

If you're going to add a translation done by someone else, please make sure that the author doesn’t mind about reprinting. Best practice is to put a link to a translation source and several first lines of a translation text, instead of copying a translation text in full. Please understand that your submission will be deleted in case of author’s complain.

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2.3 ¿Y si uso el servicio de Google Translate, u otra traducción automática?

Las traducciones hechas con Google Translate y otro servicios de traducción no son permitidas en Los usuarios que publiquen tales traducciones serán baneados.

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2.4 ¿Cómo uso los formularios "Agregar nueva traducción / Pedir una traducción"?

Se puede acceder al formulario para agregar nueva traducción aquí.

Request a translation request form is here.

Cuando agregues una traducción o un pedido de traducción, debes especificar toda la información relacionada: artista, título y letra de la canción, idioma original e idioma (deseado) de la traducción.

Try to use information which already exists on For this, use search before using these forms. It will make your task easier, lessening a quantity of information for you to fill in, and the site database tidier, by avoiding duplicate information.

If you can’t find artist or song in our database, then you’re welcome to use the form, and after that all required pages are created automatically, i.e. artist / song / translation / request pages.

To use these forms you should have javascript enabled in your browser. See also How to enable javascript in my browser.

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3.1 What are Phrases for?

Phrases database is for storing idiomas, proverbs, slang, abbreviations on various languages and, of course, their meanings, translated (or not) to other languages. Some words or phrases used in song lyrics are difficult to understand, that’s why we added phrase databank to the site. Users can add new phrases, meanings (definitions) to existing phrases, request phrase for explanation, etc. See next Q’s for details.

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3.2 How to add a new Phrase?

Please log in, to add a new phrase. There are two ways to add it:

  • 1) Usando el menú principal:  Menú → Frases → Añadir nueva frase.
  • 2) Usando el bloque Frases en la parte superior de la columna a la derecha de cualquier página de LT.

You can add a new phrase to explain it, or to request an explanation for it. You can request explanation on any language.

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3.3 How to add new explanation to existing phrase

To add a new explanation to existing phrase, you can use Add new explanation button on the phrase page.
To find phrase page, use phrase search in the right, or use advanced search.

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3.4 How to request an explanation for the phrase

To request explanation for existing phrase, you can use Request explanation button on the phrase page. To find phrase page, use phrase search on the right column, or use advanced search. If you want to know meaning of the phrase, that does not exist in database, use request explanation form

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4.1 Puntos

At this site works a mechanism of user points. It means that when you post some content, your user account earns points:

  • 10 puntos por publicar una traducción
  • 3 points for posting a transliteration
  • 1 punto por publicar una frase
  • 2 puntos por publicar una explicación para una frase
  • 1 punto por publicar un vídeo
  • 2 points for posting a song or adding an artist

The more points you get, the higher your user rank becomes, but please note that this mechanism is automatic and thus can consider only content quantity, not quality. It means that number of earned points shows only one’s activity.

Sometimes site administration can manually add points for some useful deeds, e.g. when a user translates this site interface to another language.

See also 4.2 Roles and 8.1 Translation ratings

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4.2 Roles

La lista de roles de usuario en es la siguiente:

  • Novice (0-29 points)
  • Junior member (30-119 points)
  • Member (120-449 points)
  • Senior member (450-899 points)
  • Super Member (900+ points)

A user role is automatically assigned to every registered user of according to number of points (see previous 4.1 Points) earned by this user. These points are given for the quantity of submitted by this user content. To esteem the quality of user-added translations, visit his profile - there you’ll see ratings of his translations.

If a user reaches "Super Member" role, he can change his user role to any desired message. This custom role will be shown on any page of his translations in "About translator" block.

Puedes ocultar tu rol de usuario para que no aparezca en el bloque "Quién traduce" que se muestra en la parte superior derecha de una página de traducción. Para hacerlo, usa el menú de la parte superior de la página: Menú → Perfil → Perfil de usuario → Opción 'Ocultar tu rol del bloque "Sobre el traductor"'.

See also 4.1 Points and 8.1 Translations ratings

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4.3 Medallas

Badges are given by a site administration to translators who have achieved some outstanding results. Nominations may vary, e.g.:

  • best translator (user owns lots of translations with high visitors ratings)
  • best voter (user has left lots of adequate visitor ratings for other users’ translations)
  • best video editor (user has added lots of video clips to own and others’ translations)
  • etc.

Como regla, cada año se reparte una medalla para cada nominación en un pequeño círculo de traductores.

Translator’s badges are shown in an “About translator” block. If you want to hide your badges from this block, use a top page menu: Menu -> User Profile -> “Hide your badges from "About translator" block” option.

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4.4 Suscripción

Any registered user can subscribe to some content types, e.g. to a translation request, or to a translation page. You will receive notifications by e-mail in case of any changes on the page, including appearance of new comments.

You can manage your subscriptions via your user menu: Menu -> My account -> Subscriptions

There, in subscription settings, you can turn-on an auto-subscription to all your new content and adjust frequency of new notifications (momentarily / hourly / daily).

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4.5 Localización

Nos gustaría hacer la interfaz de LyricsTranslate disponible en varios idiomas diferentes. Por el momento, sólo podemos hacerlo con ayuda de nuestros visitantes. Entre ellos, tú. Si estás interesado en ayudar, lee este texto de traducción de interfaz y adelante :)


4.6 Revisión

Every translator can mark his translation for proofreading, so that other members can see easily where their help is wanted. "Request proofreading" button can be found on a translation page. Logged in users can search within marked translations.

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5.1 No estoy de acuerdo con las acciones del moderador. ¿Qué puedo hacer?

Ignoring the moderator’s warnings or public discussion of moderator’s actions may lead to temporary or permanent ban. If you do not agree with moderator’s actions, please contact the administrators

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6.1 Use advanced search

Search form you see in a header of every page of uses Google search. It’s convenient for a general full-text search through all song texts, comments, forum posts etc., but has some restrictions (inconvenient display of result pages).

Try using advanced search because it allows very fine tuning of your search query.

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7.1 Transliterations

Languages in lyrics pages are expected to be written in their native scripts (e.g. Russian parts of a song are expected to be written in Cyrillic alphabet). To help people who cannot read the original scripts, one may rewrite (or copy) the lyrics in a different script (typically, roman letters). This is known as a transliteration.

If you want to upload a transliteration, upload it as if it were a translation to another language, but when asked for a language, select "Transliteration". You may upload more than one transliteration to a single song.

If this was correctly done, links reading "Original" and "Transliteration" will appear above the lyrics, like here. (If there's more than one transliteration, there will be links for "Transliteration 1", "Transliteration 2" ...) Clicking any of the links will change the song lyrics to a different script, instantly and without reloading the page (JavaScript must be enabled in order to do this).

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7.2 Phonetic transcriptions

You can also upload phonetic transcriptions so users can read aloud the text without knowledge of the language. We use the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for that.

The method to upload transcriptions to IPA is like the one to upload transliterations, but the system doesn't allow to swap instantly lyrics and transcriptions; IPA is treated like a normal language.

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7.3 Constructed, non-standard and extinct languages

Neither songs or translations are required to be in languages currently spoken; we have lyrics and/or translations in constructed languages (like Esperanto, Klingon and Quenya), different dialects (Central German dialects, Turkish dialects, Torlakian dialect...) and exctinct (like Latin and Galician-Portuguese).

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7.4 Languages not in the list

If you want to upload a song or translation for a language that's not in the list, please ask in the forum or to the adminship to add that language to the list.

You can choose "Other" as a language in the language list: in that case, either include a comment in your song, or change it to the correct one as soon as possible.

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8.1 Translations ratings

Todos los usuarios registrados pueden valorar traducciones agregadas por otros traductores. Los votos son números del 1 al 5, donde 1 es el voto más bajo y 5 el más alto. Si emites un voto menor que 5 se te exigirá que dejes un comentario, para explicar por qué opinas que la traducción no es perfecta.

Como referencia, los significados aproximados de cada voto son:

  • 1 - terrible, igual que una traducción automática (véase 2.3 ¿Y si uso el servicio de Google Translate, u otra traducción automática?). Tan mala, que no debería publicarse en esta web.
  • 2 - muy mala. Tiene algo de sentido, pero también montones de errores gramáticos y sintácticos.
  • 3 - pasable. Hay algunos errores; el autor debería mejorar.
  • 4 - buena. Quizá no sea la mejor posible, pero el trabajo que está hecho merece respeto. No contiene muchos errores sintácticos y no hay ningún (o casi ningún) error gramatical.
  • 5 - muy buena. Una traducción excelente, ningún error visible.
Singable translations are welcome, but translations do not have to maintain the rhymes and be intended for singing to receive a high rating.

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8.2 No veo el contenido que he agregado

There are two possible reasons:

  • I) Caching. We actively use caching mechanism on our site to improve its performance and increase page loading speed. It may cause delays in a new / changed content publishing. To check if that’s the case follow these steps:
    • a) Log in, if you’re not logged in
    • b) Press Ctrl+R (Cmd+R for Mac users) to reload the page where a content you look for should be published
  • II) El contenido ha sido borrado por moderadores. Puedes consultar 5.1 No estoy de acuerdo con las acciones del moderador. ¿Qué puedo hacer?

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8.3 Login / register procedure. My profile.

Almost every act on requires a registration. Unregistered visitors can only read. They can’t add translations or translation requests, can’t vote, can’t comment, can’t subscribe to content etc.

That’s why you should register immediately! :) It’s free and very easy, it won’t take more time than reading of these few lines. We ask only for your valid email, and we don’t share it with any third-party organizations and don’t use it for sending unwanted mail (spam).

Es incluso más simple si ya dispones de una cuenta en Si la tienes, puedes usar una opción "Conectarte por Facebook", que te dará acceso al portal en un solo clic (si ya has iniciado sesión en FB).

Después de registrarte puedes, si así lo deseas, personalizar tu perfil con información adicional. Puedes especificar en qué idiomas estás interesado, subir tu imagen de avatar, añadir información de contacto, etc. Esta información será visible para cualquier visitante de este portal que llegue a tu página de perfil.

Need even more info? Then here follows detailed description of login / register procedure and editing your profile fields.

  • Cuando hagas clic en el vínculo "Inicio de sesión / Regístrate", verás un formulario. Si ya tienes una cuenta registrada en LyricsTranslate, sólo necesitarás cubrir la información necesaria e iniciar sesión. Si no, puedes escoger el vínculo "Crear nueva cuenta", llenar los detalles de registro que desees, y descifrar la imagen CAPTCHA; el botón "Crear nueva cuenta" te llevará a tu página de perfil.
  • Al principio, la página de perfil está casi vacía. Si sigues los vínculos "Editar" y "Editar perfil de usuario" puedes cambiar tu avatar, los detalles de tu cuenta y especificar tu información de contacto (ICQ, MSN, Skype, etc.). Desde ahí también puedes especificar en qué idiomas tienes interés y la fluidez con la que hablas en cada uno: nativo(s), fluido(s), y estudiado(s) (o con ganas de aprender). Una vez ajustados los idiomas, otras personas con los mismos intereses podrán encontrar tu perfil. Quizás alguien esté aprendiendo un idioma del cual eres nativo, así que puedes ayudarle fácilmente a mejorar. O quizás alguien esté aprendiendo el mismo idioma que tú y quiera obtener un consejo de ti para instruirse en él.
  • All private information is kept hidden and never is shown openly. Please be careful and don’t use your email address to be your user name - because only in this case it becomes visible to potential spammers and spam-bots.

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8.4 Learn more about 'in progress' feature.

Press the 'in progress' button if you want to let other translators know that you're translating this translation request.

You can mark no more than 5 requests with help of this button.

You can access the list of translation requests 'in progress' via Main Menu.

After three days, if translation is not completed, the 'in progress' status is removed automatically.

One can still translate request, which is 'in progress' by other user. If somebody translates request you marked 'in progress' earlier, it will disappear from your 'in progress' list.

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8.5 Adding footnotes

In order to add footnotes to your text, please use the [fn] [/fn] open/close tags where you want your footnote to appear - in the text itself. Between those two tags you must enter the content text of your footnote, so it will look like this [fn]footnote text content here[/fn]. The numbering will be generated automatically, and you can always edit the text to experiment with these and other tags. Try googling for specific tags or a wider 'tag list' to see what other html tags are available, then you can also experiment with them on your texts here.

You can also use a "value" attribute to a) set the numbering to start from the given value, or b) to set an arbitrary text string as label.
[fn value="5"]This becomes footnote #5. Subsequent are #6, #7...[/fn]
[fn value="*"]This footnote is assigned the label "*"[/fn]
Using value="" you can have multiple references to the same footnote in the text body.
[fn value="5"]This becomes footnote #5.[/fn]
[fn value="5"]This is a reference to the same footnote #5, this text itself is discarded.[/fn]

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8.6 Covers and alternative performances

If there're multiple artists who performed or covered the song, they should be listed in the "Also performed by" field while adding the song. In such a case, translations would be available for all artists who performed the song.

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