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I chill, the day is perfect, I check the streets
Women walk by elegantly, enjoy this a** parade
I have a good status at the moment, because I drive a chrome bike
Invite all babes for a ride through the park
Have you already planned something for today? chicks like my humor
I'm engineer for dredger technics, flirt with them, lay a pipe (anbaggern is flirting while baggern is dredging)
But then she comes, I am lost, in love head over heels
I wave, she doesn't wave, I wish I was never born
[b]I know I am suggar, you feel heated/b]
I see you, I don't even look at you
You'd love to be alone with me
There's a long way to go, I won't easily be pleased, a game on time ... 2 ... 3
... 4! Don't create a scene here, I'll get you easily
You seem to be uptight, come I'll massage you
I have analyzed you, you are beautful but smugged
You ride, play tennis and cry when you loose
You're attractive, babe, come we'll shoot a love scene
Give me a smile or are your teeth awry
Why hesitat, I am what you are searching for in life
Please stop, I try to talk to you
Sweety, what should I do with you now
Stranded with your float at my beach
Boy write me a ballad, I am a pearl with style
I don't want everything from you, but I want a lot
It'll start soon, I head for you, crochet a red carpet for you
In front of me there's a puddle, create a bridge for me
Get yourself dirty for me
I can sing, tinker, wind
There could be something developing
Inga, Linda, Franz and Tim, we'll have children like the rabbits
Baby you are sugar, you get heated
I soon become as soft as wax, melt like ice
I would love to be alone with you
There's a long way to go, but I don't care, we have time
Tell me what I should cook for you
Sweetheart, I love your curls
Only for you I dresse my hair
Rotate, sugar, let me see what you have to give
Save my diamond from the drainpipe
For sure, baby, I have nothing else to do right now
I iron shirts and show you what a house wife can do
I dig a hole and start with building a house right away
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