痒 (Yang) (English translation)

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She is the gentle beam of a setting sun.
This lady is wondering who may come and cherish.
He is a sea of blue bright sky.
This gentleman is waiting for someone to relish.
She is a fluffy melody.
Longing for a harmonious synchrony.
Her eyes are the moon of silver light.
Waiting for a seductive blooming.
Come, let's have joy! For we have a bunch of youth.
Come,let's in love! For we have a sea of ignorance.
Hey, let's go wandering. For we have all directions.
Come,let's mess around. For there is too much scenery.
Oh,So itchy.
Generous gently, in love with the love of mirage.
Meandering circuitously, obsessed with a fury.
Panic panicky, think about it becomes more scary.
Prickly itching, scratch it turns into so itchy.
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