Halid Bešlić - Jesen u Meni (English translation)

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Autumn Inside Me

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The spring has come
And the same old restlessness is making me
To sneak furtively at night
In your street
And I am waiting here
Beneath your window in the shadow of acacia
I am watching how you stare
When you're coming to me
Everything is same like before
Everything is same, but nothing is same
Autumn is inside me
Although everybody says its spring now
Sadness is inside me
Because I dont know where are you
Spring smells and birds from south
Are already coming back
Only you, only you, only your are not coming
Who is sneaking away from your bed ( he wonders if she found another man)
When the nightingale starts to sing
Do you remember of us then
At least for a moment
Everyhing is same like before here
Everything is same, but nothing is same
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Jesen u Meni

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Ovo je moja pesma hvala ti puno!!!:)))