The Killers - Spaceman



It started with a low light
Next thing I knew they ripped me from my bed
And then they took my blood type
It left a strange impression in my head
You know that I was hoping
That I could leave this star crossed world behind
But when they cut me open
I guess I changed my mind
And you know I might
Have just flown too far from the floor this time
Cause they calling me by my name
And the zipping white light beams
Disregarding the bombs and satellites
That was the turning point
That was one lonely night
The starmaker says it ain't so bad
The dreammaker's gonna make you mad
The spaceman says "Everybody look down"
It's all in your mind
Now I'm back at home and
I’m looking forward to this life I live
You know it's going to harm me
So hesitation to this life I give
You think you might cross over
You're caught
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
You better look it over
Before you make that leap
And you know I'm fine
But I hear those voices at night
Sometimes, they justify my claim
And the public don’t dwell on my transmission
'Cause it wasn’t televised
But it was the turning point
Over the lonely night
(Chorus x2)
My global position systems are vocally addressed
They said the Nile used to run from east to west
They said the Nile used to run
From east to west
I'm fine
But I hear those voices at night
(Chorus x2)
It's all in my mind
It's all in my mind
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