MHD - Afro Trap Part. 7 (La Puissance) (English translation)

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Afro Trap Part. 7 (The Power)

[Verse 1]
The power, only power
I haven't seen defeat since I was born
Bro, I'm doing fine, am I a miracle worker?
Speak French, speak in cash or distance yourself
Bring me the head, I remain happy, beating
Why are you talking to me? In your area, you're just a lookout
Those who think they know me don't know me
Now I'm caught in flagrante delicto like the secret police in my area
You're in trouble, I'm in the back of a V.I.P box
These bastards are lacking money
You're my opponent, you're unlucky
You want to throw the bottle to the sea, where are the real ones?
Those who speak little, they hit hard
Watching out for all the sharps, stand back and let me do it
When the opposites attract, my boy, that's where the bullets get lost
Just that they get lost and even you, you're lost
Always awaited as a ray of sunshine
Bro, it's the power, nothing but power
Respect the protocol, bro, there's no secrets
[Chorus] x4
The power
Bro, it's the power
It's the power
[Verse 2]
It comes back stronger, I'm still the same
It's myself against myself, you end up on the floor
My phone's ringing, I'm in airplane mode
For me to stop, you need someone to cut off my vocal chords
It hurts, MHD, Afro Trap part 7, the project is in the bins
I have the rage to conquer, everything's good, yes everything's crazy
Moula Gang will not forget
I didn't see anything, I didn't hear anything.
I didn't say anything, but I promise you dirty stuff
You were waiting for me, calm down, I'm coming
2017, hostilities resume
They wanted to boycott me but they couldn't
Only God can protect me from it
It's a long way, I have more enemies than allies
I'm alone, I don't need anyone, mom prays for me
Offensive is the war, they'll get it sooner or later
[Chorus] x4
The power
Bro, it's the power
It's the power
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Afro Trap Part. 7 (La Puissance)

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