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Ali Desidero

His friends calls him Ali, like he sits at our coffee shop
He's madly in love with a chick, she's pretty and tall
Our kid Ali plays pişpirik*, listens MFÖ**, watches a football game
I said, he's madly in love with her, but she doesn't know
Ali Desidero, Alii, Ali Desidero
She's pretty, cute, both a bookworm and has a grace
Would you call her Venus*** or Aphrodite***, so pretty
Of course she's a feminist also believes in metaphysics
She has one deal, she's kind of intellectual.
She's optimistic and pesimistic and defends idealism.
Ali Desidero, Alii, Ali Desidero
She's perfect at theory topics but struggles at practical
She sometimes calls herself humanistic, sometimes rationalist.
It's an unique psychology, kind of a mythical idiotology.
İdiot, idiot, idiotology.
Our kid Ali is still at coffee shop, while she's passing by
He stares at her, can't stop thinking about her
"She's mine" he says, "I'll kill whoever touches her"
What should I do, what sould I be, a trick or a game
Should I trick her to make her love me
I'm saying "tomato" she's saying "tomatoe"****
Should I be a gentleman or should I be player
Should I ask someone what to do
This girl is so hard to get
Ali Desidero, Alii, Ali Desidero
Ali waits at the coffee shop for her to pass
When she's seen from the corner MFÖ starts playing:
Aliii Ali Desidero
When the madamoiselle saw MFÖ she gets excited
While she was just about to faint away Ali holds her hand
While Ali was being charismatic guys from coffee shop be like ININININININ ININININ ININININ ININ INININ
Ali Desidero Aliii Ali Desidero
Girl says "Sorry I fainted away for a second because of MFÖ"
Ali says "That's okay it can happen to anyone, I can help if you want, I even can walk you home!"
"But I don't even know you, what would my neighbours say, I can just go alone!"
"Oh that won't be a problem, we can get to know each other while we're walking, also we can talk about stuff!"
"What a gentleman!" she thinks, "He's sincere too! Let's ask him some questions, so we can see if he's a genius or a punk!"
She says " Do you love myths?" he says "I'm just a normal kid"
"Luther Machiavelli?" she says
"We're the football champions, it's obvious from the goals we had"
Ali Desidero Aliii Ali Desidero
She realizes that they're so different, she kindly says bye bye
Ali says "Alright then!"
Suddenly her eyes start to shine, she thinks "It's not over"
Ali gots that something will happen, says "I'm ready for a date"
She says those topics are fragile, not today but maybe tomorrow
Ali Desidero, Aliiii, Ali Desidero
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Ali Desidero is a combination of a name (Ali) and a nickname (Desidero)
Pişpirik*:It's actual name is pişti, elderly people uses this version, it's a game played with cards.
MFÖ**:Name of the band.
Calling her Venus or Aphrodite***: She's as pretty as goddess.
"I say tomato you say tomatoe"****: Phrasal verb means as people of different world.


Ali Desidero

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