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Always Loved

You know maybe it's true
In these evenings, I thought about it
I am always so careless
And the desire increases in the head
For fell me in distance
But distance you know I can't stand it
Love is only imagined
It's a step not be taken yet
And it's not doing it, you know the secret
But if everything stays inside
Then the life you know asks the bill to you
And then it seems a little strange to me
The world is a game in hand
Get yourself something, go ahead miss
Come on, just let me do it, I'm the usual idiot
But with the face of a liar
And with a hearth of baby
You know, I always dream of touching you
But then I wake up in the pillow
And you take with you everything
Don't look at me with those eyes
Always alive in my lyrics
Which sent me the memories
It still hurts me now
But you always loved
I can hear you in the sentences of people walking
While talking about topics
To whom perhaps he did not believe before
When I try to change my life in the morning in a few hours
Please always loved
Remember that loved always
And give me life in my hands
As if I were passing the room
As if I wanted the heart
And the heart to know it, you just need another one inside
And then it seems a little strange to me
The world is a game in hand
And then away from this sky that contains its planets
The ones I sang loud when I wanted but you weren't there
And let our time not always walk in time
The more you think about a wish, the more he turns into wind
And people looked at us like we were two aliens
And I am used to exposing my secrets
I confess that I never look at his eyes closely
Because then I crash into it
And I don't notice that I breathe
And turn off the light that I can't stand on my feet
Then turn it off and I see little
But everything is in my hands
I can't see you but I can feel you and the bed has become sea
You get close and I can't stay close to you without loving
Please always loved
Please always loved
Remember, you always loved
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Amati Sempre

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