Vicente Fernández - Cruz de olvido (English translation)

English translation

Cross of oblivion

With the sunset
I will depart from you
I will leave without you
I will get away from you
With pain
Within me
I swear to you, my love
That it's not because I don't love you [1]
But it's better like this
Someday you will understand
That I did this for the sake of your well-being
That it was all for your sake
The boat I will depart in
Carries a cross of oblivion
Carries a cross of love
And in that cross, without you
I will die from weariness
I won't be to blame
In case you cry for me
It's better if I leave
I prefer that to causing you pain
I know I will suffer
My ship will go across a sea of solitude
Goodbye, goodbye my love
Remember I loved you
That I will always love you
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[1] Literally "That it's not lack of love"


Cruz de olvido

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