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Douce Dame Jolie (English translation)

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/French (Middle French)

Sweet, Beautiful Lady

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Sweet, beautiful lady
For God's sake, do not think
That anyone rules over me
But you alone
For endlessly, and without falsehood
I have cherished you
And humbly
All the days of my life
I have served you
With no unworthy thought
Alas! and I beg
For hope and aid
For my joy is ended
If you do not take pity
But your sweet mastery
My heart so harshly
That it torments
And binds it
So much in love
That it desires nothing
But to be in your service
And yet your heart
Grants it no relief
And since my sickness
Will never be healed
Without you, sweet enemy
Who is glad
At my torment
I join my hands and pray
To your heart, since it forgets me
That it should kill me quickly
For I languish too long
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French (Middle French)
French (Middle French)
French (Middle French)

Douce Dame Jolie

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