Evakon laulu (English translation)

English translation

A song of an evacuee

In the evening as mother was tucking me in
I could not foresee what would the morning bring with it
A cruel artillery battery had arrived to the forest during the night
A dark row of evacuees quietly wandered down the road
Sound of war roared clearly from near the border
Uncertainty gnawed the hearts of Karelians*
We were given a quarter of an hour until departure
We carried our precious bundles to the neighbours haywagon
Our beloved land and alley were gone
There, on top of the roofs our piece of sky is left
I have forgotten the amount of tears shed
Karelians' will to live was not shaken by war
Young warriors of Finland marched toward us
They were lead by baby-faced second lieutenants
Many made the last trip of their lives then
Determinedly toward the end, as if they anticipated it
Roadwork men asked where is the destination
Oh, but we will only know once we get there
Householder left them a pork casserole as well
Said: "Vot**, here is some relish with bread"
Evacuees were packed into a train at the station
Questions from the authorities were answered precisely
One mother said: "These are all my belongings,
Five little children and a new coffeepot as well."
Little brother was born at night in the train
It was wrinkled and eyes still closed
Lotta's*** brought manna from heaven, hot gruel
They wanted to nurse us wretches
We arrived after three days
Karelian people stood in an auction
When householders picked up evacuees
They left the five children and the mother on the road
We went to live in the town hall as well
After a year we got to move into our own cabin
A letter from father came through: "I will get off the army soon"
He did and was buried in war heroes' grave next to the church
When mother harrowed her croft,
A skylark accompanied the start of a new life
I sat at the edge of the field with little brother
I told him how beautiful Karelia was once
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Author's comments:

Quite literal translation of the lyrics. Feel free to comment if you have found a mistake.

* Karelia is a region in eastern Finland, Karelians it's inhabitants
** Vot comes from Russian word 'avot' meaning here, there, alright etc.
*** Lotta was a woman working for a voluntary auxiliary paramilitary organisation for women called Lotta Svärd.


Evakon laulu

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