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Gimme the power

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The police are extorting you (money!)
but they live of what you are paying
and if they treat you like a criminal (thief!)
is not your fault, give it thanks to the regent.
We have to uproot the problem,
and changing the government of our country,
to the people who is in the bureaucracy,
those people who likes the crumbs.
I therefore complain and complain,
because here is where I live I'm not a fool anymore
who does not watch the government positions,
there are people who are getting richer.
People who live in poverty,
nobody does anything because no one cares it.
The people up there hate you,
there are more people who want to drop their heads.
If you give more power to power,
harder they're coming to fuck you.
Because we were a world power
we are poor they mishandle us.
Give me give me give me give me all the power
to fuck you.
Gimme gimme gimme gimme all the power
so I can come around to fuck you.(2x)
Give me it, Give me it, Give me it, Give me it, all the power
Give me it, Give me it, Give me it, Give me it, all the power
(Yes it is faggot, fuck you faggot dumbass)
Because we were not born where there is not to eat,
we do not have to ask ourselves, how can we do?
If they drawn us as sluggish,
Let’s feel the Mexican power!
Let’s fell it! All together as brothers,
because we are more, we pull more together.
Why are we following a bunch of assholes?
Who lead us where it suits them
and it is our sweat what support them
which it keeps them eating hotcakes
that bread is the bread of our people.
Chorus (4x)
The people united will never be defeated,
El Tito y el Huidos, will never be defeated
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Gimme The Power

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