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Haus der Lüge (English translation)

  • Artist: Einstürzende Neubauten Also performed by: Heinz Rudolf Kunze
  • Song: Haus der Lüge Album: Haus der Lüge (1989)
    2 translations
    English #1, #2
  • Translations: English #1, #2
English translationEnglish

House of Lies

Versions: #1#2
First floor:
Here live the blind
Who believe what they see
And the deaf
Who believe what they hear
Strapped to a kitchen stool
Sits a lunatic who believes
Everything that he can touch
(his hands lie in his lap)
Second floor:
Roll to roll
In wood-chip wallpaper
Tenants stand around in the corridors
Contemplating the walls attentively
Searching on it strip by strip
For printing or spelling errors
They couldn't even decipher their own names
To the next floor:
Which, oh wonder! Was never completed
And can only be reached by the stairs
Here lie errors belonging to the company
With this they tile the floors
Where none are permitted to tread
Fourth floor:
Here lives the architect
He goes on with his plan
This building crammed full of ideas
It reaches from funda- to firmament
And from fundament to the company
At the ground floor:
There are located four doors
They lead
Directly outdoors
Or better stated, to the cornerstone
There, who wants to can wait
The concrete comes at 12:00
Laying the cornerstone!
Laying the cornerstone, lies, lies, lies!
Trains of thought are painted over
In head-height brown
Infamous or Catholic violet
For better orientation
Attic floor:
It has some damage
An old man sits on the roof truss
Dead angels are scattered on the floor
(their faces match his)
He holds a gun between his knees
He aims it at his mouth
And in the skull
Through the skull
And out of the skull, outward
In the top of the roof
Permeates the bullet
God has shot himself
An attic floor can be expanded
God has shot himself
An attic floor can be expanded
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Submitted by RampinUp46RampinUp46 on 2014-04-30
Author's comments:

The "official" lyrics differ from this slightly (a line was added for the "second floor" segment, and the "Lüge, Lüge" portion was at the end), however, these are the lyrics for the version of the song that appears on the album.

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Haus der Lüge

Translations of "Haus der Lüge"
English RampinUp46
Einstürzende Neubauten: Top 3
ScieraSciera    Tue, 13/05/2014 - 09:59

Good translation; some lines you misunderstood.

"official lyrics"? You mean, you have the booklet?

"Er geht auf in seinem Plan" is an idiom, meaning something like "He loves his plan" or "He gets carried away with his plan".

"Dieses Gebäude steckt voller Ideen" means "This building contains lots of ideas".

"Gedankengänge sind gestrichen" is ambiguous. Without the following lines it would mean "Trains of thoughts are cancelled".

Es hat einen Schaden"
that refers to the expression "einen Dachschaden haben" (="to be nuts").

"Ein Dachgeschoss wird ausgebaut" means "An attic gets expanded"

"Haus der Lüge" means "House of the Lie".

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