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Ullr in Ydalir
Bend the bow
Aim the bow
Arrows pointed
Toward Yggdrassil's Nine
Wind with purpose
Weaved with purpose
Toward Niflheim fly
Toward Muspelheim fly
Toward Jotunheim fly
Toward Asgard fly
Toward Midgard fly
Toward Vanaheim fly
Toward Helheim fly
Toward Svartalfheim fly
Toward (Light)Alfheim fly
Wind with purpose
Weaved with purpose
From Niflheim fly
From Muspelheim fly
From Jotunheim fly
From Asgard fly
From Midgard fly
From Vanaheim fly
From Helheim fly
From Svartalfheim fly
From (Light)Alfheim fly
Wind with purpose
Weaved with purpose
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Author's comments:

First time translator and amateur student learning Old Norse, with a sprinkle of Modern Norwegian, so there may be errors.

The IwaR rune is heavily associated with the shamanistic traveling of Yggdrasil's nine worlds along with Ullr, a Proto-Scandinavian God of Hunting/Archery, Yew Trees, Winter and Single Combat. He was a son of the harvest goddess Sif and stepson to Thor. Ullr had a place of high prominence among the gods, and also sailed the seas using his shield in place of a boat. The song's first line notes his home called "Ydalir" or "Yew Dales"

Ullr's yew bow made from the trees of his territory, along with the theme of a shamanic traveling of the nine worlds, references the ancient practice/initiation of sleeping near a yew tree at night. At night the tree would then secrete a hallucinogenic substance that sent the nearby person into a shamanistic trance. This allowed the means of a spiritual journey between the nine worlds of the Yggdrasil Ash. Even the very structure of this song has a very ritualistic feel.



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