Lara Fabian - La Lettre (English translation)

English translation

The Letter

Write me a break-up letter
Explaining all the reasons to me
That have caused your nature to fade
That have made me mix up all the seasons
Chose your words wisely, choose the right ones
Like an artisan takes his time
To adjust everything
Write me a break-up letter
Send me only the rough draft
I promise, I will not interpret anything into the things you’ve crossed out
Write me a letter with a pencil
Write it like you would write music
Sacrifice me to the gods
Of long forgotten love affairs
Even if leaving while the other one stays
Hurts your feelings
It could also be an act of kindnes
Unless one of the two lies of course
Write me a break-up letter
Like when one grows tired of using words at home
I will not mark your mistakes
I will not see the mistakes you made in joining the words
I would go and look for them myself
If I wasn’t so sure
Not so sure that I love you
For us forever, for us maybe
Leave me some illusions
When you write me this letter
Don’t sign it or use a wrong signature
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La Lettre