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ماتختلفيش (Matekhtelfeesh) (English translation)

  • Artist: Tamer Ashour (تامر عاشور)
  • Song: ماتختلفيش (Matekhtelfeesh) Album: Ayam (أيام)
  • Translations: English, Transliteration


عن اللي زمان كانت قـبلِك
وسهل هايجي من بَـعدك
ما كنتي تحبي على قـدّك
وكنتي تسيبي قلبي يعيش
هوانا خلاص مالوش مَعنى
نصيبنا بـبعضنا جَمعنا
راحـتنا هتيجي بـوداعنا
وبالمعروف خلاص نبعد ماتِـتعِبينيش
أنا اتمنيت أكون جنبك وقدّرتك
طلعتي غير ما فكّـرتك
وخُفت تضيعي وخسِرتك
في قلبي وبالي طول وقتي
وعلى بالك أنا مابجيش
وياما اديت وفادني بـإيه بقى حناني
مشاعري ليكي قاتلاني
وفاكرك وانتي ناسياني
مافيش داعي أكـمّلك
نسيت إنك مابِـتحِسيش
وأنا الغلطان ليه حـبيتك
ولمّا ضعِفتي قَـوِّيتك
ياريتني ما كنت وياريتك
تروحي بعيد ماتِرجـعِـيليش
كـسَرتيلي قلبي جوايا
وغلّبتيني بكفاية
عِليتي عليا ولولايا
لكل اللي إنتي فيه دلوقتي ماوصلتيش
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you're no different

you're no different
than the one before you
n there will easily be more after you
you should've only taken on what you can carry (loving him in this case)
n you should've let my heart live
you're no different
our love no longer has meaning
our fate brought us together
our comfort will only come after our separation
n on good terms we should just let go dont push me
i'd hoped to be by your side n to appreciate you
you turned out to be the opposite of what i'd thought you were
n i was scared you'd be lost n i lost you
in my heart n on my mind all my time
and i never cross your mind
how much have i given n how has my tenderness helped me
my feelings for you kill me
i remember you n you've forgotten me
theres no need for me to go on
i forgot you don't feel
you're no different
and it's my fault why did i ever love you
n when you were weak i was there for you
i wish i didnt n i wish
you go away n never come back to me
you're no different
you broke my heart inside me
n hurt me enough
you looked down on me, though without me
you wouldnt have become what you are now
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