Frankie Ruiz - No Supiste Esperar (English translation)

English translation

You didn't know wait for me

Your love has been lost through distance
Your love could not endure due to my absence
And, in the mean time, I was eager to return back.
The cold of your forgetfulness took place.
But, you won't even hear from my lips any reprimand
I've been suffering alone, as I remembered your memories
But, now I know it is not worth it
Once that your love had not the virtue of knowing how to wait.
You surrendered to comfort of other arms, seeking for consolation
And my name, along with your clothes, has rolled over the ground
You removed me from your mind, without even thinking about it
And, in the end, a desire of the flesh shushed your heart
And, as always, you smiled again
Showing illusions, you forgot me
You did not care about my desolation
Your love was just like a rock, but it turned into a paperboard
"You forgot me, you didn't know how to wait"
- You took me to glory, I was so happy with you.
- But you quickly abandoned me, I felt betrayed.
- In the comfort of other arms, you lost your will
- You just didn't know wait for me, that's it
- You will have to cope with the mistake you've made
- I say and state: now you are all alone and sad
- And I miss your love, but I don't want to think about you
- I am fine, getting better and I feel so happy
- Now I have another love, and that's true...
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No Supiste Esperar

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