Simone (Brazil) - Os Medos (English translation)

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The Fears

Fear of going out
Fear of staying
Fear of going too far
Fear of playing
Fear of gambling
Fear of no longer having fears
Fear of winning
Fear of losing
Fear of wanting to be happy and getting to do it
Fear of forgetting, of compromising
Fear of facing and doing
Fear of women
Fear of flying1
Fear of being right
Fear of arriving
Fear of departing
Fear of wanting to be happy and making it
Fear of denying
Fear of accepting, of going out in the rain and getting wet
Of being broke, of being a John Doe2
Fear of doing pretty good
Fear of winning
Fear of making a splash
Fear of being too happy but being
Fear of living
Fear of speaking
Of locking yourself in, of shutting up
Of destroying yourself or being different
Fear of being better
And going crazy
  • 1. In Brazil, we say 'medo de avião' when referring to the specific act of flying, not to airplanes and aircrafts in general.
  • 2. Understand this as someone that has no importance for anyone
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Os Medos

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