Rimini (English translation)

  • Artist: Fabrizio De André
  • Song: Rimini 4 translations
  • Translations: English, French, Polish, Spanish


Teresa has dry eyes
She is staring at the sea
For her, daughter of pirates,
I think it's quite normal.
Teresa says little
Her lips are chapped
She tells me of a love, lost
in Rimini in summer.
She says he was burnt in the piazza
By the Saint Inquisition
Maybe he was lost in Cuba
During the Revolution
Or in the Arbor of New York
In a witch hunt
Or maybe he was lost nowhere
But no one believes her.
Chorus: Rimini, Rimini
And Columbus called her
From his sedan
She removes his handcuffs
She tucks his sheets
“For a sad Catholic King” Says he
“I invented a reign
And he has butchered it
Upon a wooden cross”
“And two mistakes I’ve made
Two errors of wisdom
To abort the America
And then looking at it with sweetness”
“But you men
Underneath the wind and the sailings
Don’t give promised lands
To those who don’t keep them”.
Chorus: Rimini, Rimini
Now Teresa is in the Harrys’ Bar
She is staring at the sea
For her, the grocer's daughter,
I think it's quite normal.
She’s wearing a blade on the neck
It’s a hundred years old
I haven’t heard much of her
But she doesn’t seem a liar.
“And a mistake I’ve made
An error of wisdom
To abort the son of the lifeguard
And then to look at him with sweetness”
But you, in Rimini
Among ice creams and flags
Don’t bet any more
On the grocer’s daughter.
Chorus: Rimini, Rimini
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Author's comments:

The translation is as literal as possible, to preserve the original spirit of the song.



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