Song for U.S.A. (English translation)

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Song for U.S.A.

Cuddling you on the pier
We were talking about our unfulfilled dreams with enthusiasm
A comet passed over the sea
With the wings shining bright for night flight
Plucking at the guitar strings
I had cuts on my fingertips
I remember you started to cry to see them
We were a sort of stardust at that time
This is the song for U.S.A.
Oh my old friends who had vanished in the waves of time
Now come here and sing this song together
This is the song for U.S.A.
Our last dreams for America
Sing for all to prove we had lived in the same days…
Skyscrapers blurred with fog
I found you crying over your broken dream
I hope the pansy tender night falls on you too
I wanna embrace your tears
Striking the keys of the piano
Your tears are like brilliant stardust
This is the song for U.S.A.
A cluster of stars crosses over the sea and approaches
To light up the ways for our dreams
Fabulous tonight
This is the song for U.S.A.
Promise to grow up with the heart of a teenager
In those days we could believe what we couldn’t see
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Song for U.S.A.

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