Travailler c'est trop dur (English translation)

English translation

Working is too Hard

Working is too hard
And stealing isn't nice
Asking for favours
isn't something
I can do
Every day that I live,
People ask, what do I live off of?
I say that I live off of love
And I hope to live to be old
I take my violin
And I grab my bow
And I play my old waltz
To get my friends to dance
You know my dear friends
Life is way too short
To be hard on yourself
So let's go on and dance tonight
I make music
I do it almost every night
After wandering about every which way
And then singing in whisky bars
And sometimes, you know
I'd like to let go, and be on my way
But I came tonight
For the pleasure of singing
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Travailler c'est trop dur

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