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Another world

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I was dreaming of another world
Where the earth would be round
Where the moon would be blond
And life would be fertile
I was in a deep sleep
I did not see straight anymore
I dreamed reality
My reality
I was dreaming of another earth
That would remain a mystery
An earth less down to earth
Yes I wanted to screw it all
I was walking with my eyes closed
I could no longer see my feet
I dreamed reality
My reality pinned me to my bed
I was dreaming of our world
And the earth is round alright
And the moon is so blond
Tonight the shadows of the world are dancing
For having been dreaming it motionless
It found me quite futile
But when budging made it turn
My reality forgave me.
(the shadows of the world are dancing)
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Submitted by 70percentcocoa70percentcocoa on Sun, 17/01/2010 - 01:46
Author's comments:

I'm doing a brief overview of French pop/rock music for a friend who does not speak French. This one is an essential track methinks, typical drug-fuelled teen angst pre-Cobain.
It's as close as possible to the original, but not word-for-word.


Un autre monde

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