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From Party To Party

From party to party
From party to party
Ater-show party at Mediaspree
The water reflects the sun of the night
Cheap people in expensive clothes
I'm not on the guest list but come with eight people
Rich buffet, finger food on the table
I help myself, all for free, a little bit of booze for me
The skirts are short and the watches are posh
So many artists in here but no motherfucker smokes weed
In next to no time I roll a joint
Looks nice, no showing off
The men in suits are disgusted, uncomfortable, I have the urge to go
To the hip-hop party
They treat themselves to coke and Jim Beam
And everyone is as high as Marley
They treat themselves wherever you look
To the watchdogs: Step aside because the bitches just pass you by
Dagos ans blacks invented hip-hop but the bouncer doesn't let them in
You didn't think of it, it is Saturday night, there is a beautiful bitch, there is an evil look
You are groped and hit on, you scream into my ear but I hear nothing
Vodka-energy, weed and sweat
Every dumbass in here knows who I am
Rap-Aco-audience, quite nice
No guarantee that things keep calm
Burn your Harley
Get wasted like Charlie
I check out the situation
Rolling from party to party
You hold my hair
I smell my own smell of booze
Back out to the streets again
Rolling from party to party
From party to party
They treat themselves to coke and Jim Beam
And then back out to the streets again
We dance like Romany people
Rolling from party to party
They treat themselves wherever you look
And everyone is as high as Marley, as Marley, as Marley, as Marley
They trea themselves, treat themselves
They t-t-t-treat themselves
They treat themselves, treat themselves
They t-t-t--tr
Come to the club, all eyes are high
Look for a druggie, he treats me to one
Everyone chatters to me, asking if I need anything
The bass is loud, almost deafening
We shuffle to the beat, smelling the weed
Going to the toilet so no one sees us
Body in sweat, mood is heated
Smoking alone because no one in here smokes weed
I see this prima ballerina dancing like a little pixie
She takes an E but only half of it for now
You can't cope, you always follow your nose
Because you know you can suck dick but you say it's not true
Enjoying the freak show and roll a joint, relaxed
Zombies beside themselves, everyone pops, no one stops
I don't give a fuck as long as my joint is still burning
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Von Party zu Party

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