Partilhar (tłumaczenie na angielski)

tłumaczenie na angielski


If I had to, I'd take a boat and row
for six months like a fish, only to see you
One could never point a sea large enough
to scare me off and make me give up on you.
If I had to, I'd build a machine
Faster than the doubt
More sudden than a teardrop
I'd travel as fast as I could
And within an instant of longing and sorrow
I would come to tell you "I came to see you"
I want to share
I want to share
The good life with you
For such a great love must be lived all the while
And each hour that I'm away from you feels like a waste
I've only got eighty more years ahead of me
So please, give me the chance to live
I want to share
I want to share
The good life with you
There is nothing on the past
Everything left is here.
If I had to, I'd spin this whole world
Until time forgets to move forward
And goes back millions of years ago
when all the continents were one
so that I could walk towards you.
I know, woman, one does not survive only on fish
And we could never go back in time
My words are worth so little
And the oaths tell you nothing
But if there's someone who could rescue your faith in this world
then there's us.
I've also lost my track
Even my chant went mute
And I'm really suspicious that this world isn't all that.
But nevermind
We can invent our own life
And life is good
But it's better when I'm with you
I want to share
I want to share
The good life with you
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