Andvevarljod (перевод на Английский)

перевод на АнглийскийАнглийский

Song of the Spirit-Weavers

(Turn turn)
From the mound of my kin¹,
I pulled up the words
Dug the songs
up from the earth
Wondrous tunes
rode the winds
Wardens of fate
bid me visit,
bid me view,
my own thread,
in the web of Norns
The loom is set
with threats of fate
Mighty rhymes,
strengthen bonds
bound into spirits
Life and fortune
bred by their words
As you saw your first day
As you drew your first breath
Gathered around, stood nine Norns
They wound and weaved wind to life
There you laid in your mother’s arms,
bonded by a navel-chord
They switched it with a kind-thread
And into it spun, life and fortune
The maidens went upon the family-mound
Danced over elves and dead
The wind is pulling them playfully
It‘s this wind that shall follow you
Nine Norns – rise up
wove and wound – fate
On behalf of my child, I offer gifts
So none are weaving with ill will
By stick, stone and sorcerous distaff
They spin your fate without ill intent
Nine Norns – hear me
guard my path
and lead with alleviating hands
and in healing footsteps
Breathe in,
thoughts vanish
Breathe out,
release the fear
In every breath,
the will grows
The heart pounds
I see wide and clear
(Wind in memory)
Come wind in memory
(Wind in mind)
Come wind in mind
(In my courage)
Into the growing will
(In my will)
Into taming rhymes
(Let it free)
It kindles a storm,
(Let it fly)
that strangles illness and sorrow
(I become whole/healed)
You become whole/healed
(I am whole/healed)
You are whole/healed
I become whole/healed
I am whole/healed
(Turn, turn)
Now, the Norns
have weft their tune
Their song stills,
and with it, the wind
Gifts were given
to those who listened
Here I stand
on holy grounds
and this old memory
is leaving me
Leaving me
Leaving me
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Добавлено NaestumHollurNaestumHollur в вт, 22/12/2020 - 18:15

¹A more literal translation would be warden-mound.

Best I can tell, this is an older, pre-1900s dialect of Norwegian. There are some invented words and traits from various dialects.



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hunhxchunhxc    вт, 22/12/2020 - 20:58

In the “(Eg vert heil)
Du vert heil
(Eg er heil)
Du er heil” lines, you forgot to translate “du” as “you”.

Also, immediately after this,”Eg we tvein” is actually “Eg vert heil”, and should thus be translated “I become whole” (I don’t know if the expression used is Nynorsk for “I become healed/I heal”).

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