Bushido - Berlin (explizit) (перевод на Английский)

перевод на Английский

Berlin (explicit)

Hey Bushido, what’s up?
This is the bad ass of Paris
I just listened to your new
sounds and they’re bitchin’ bro °°
Keep doin' your thing,
success will follow
Full contact! Who’s afraid? ¹
Look at me. I’m on it!
Cross your fingers for a W, ²
Now what? You’re out.
Go, see my city.
Get curb stomped, you dumbass. ³
Fuck your friggin’ rap,
for you new friggin’ track!
I’ll tear you apart,
just because you’re a toy! ⁴
Write something from your life
and you’ll see nobody cares. ⁵
Call me.
You people can all grow some tits.
Tell me my style’s bang on trend. ⁶
But I’m not going to fuck with you retards.
It’s Benz Class S.
Go fuck your business.
It’s Aggro West.
German Rap now has hard luck.
Amphetamine. There’s only one Berlin. ⁷
Everyone next to me looks whacked out
‘cause no one bounces off dirt.
Born 2 kill! You do everything, chill. ⁸
When I rap, I know very well:
Your city comes to a standstill
I’m an elitist and, in no way, your buddy
Berlin will rise again,
‘cause we’ll beat the shit out of every homo! ⁹
[Hook x 2]
This is my city, my turf. ¹⁰
You whores can go home.
From now on it’s hardcore, you loser.
Berlin!!! It’s my city.
There’s no party for you people,
no one can dance here.
My city is now the ghetto.
Go back to where you came from,
and don’t come back again
Tempelhof, Schoeneberg, ¹¹
the one, who screws your songs.
My city’s the crème de la crème. ¹²
You can say what you want
‘cause I’ll fuck your world.
The party’s over,
Germany again has a border
It’s perfectly normal,
men don’t suck dick.
Rap doesn’t have any friends,
rap isn’t motley either.
Bring me your gang and
I’ll fuck you all in the cervix.
You’re all retarded
I’ll make everything good.
I’m the one,
who comes at night and sucks your blood.
You want to know what Berlin’s like by day?
If she’s tough ¹³
when blow eats into your nose? ¹⁴
Why are you crawling so far up my ass?
Why does every West German think Berlin rap is just a joke?
This is my business. Who’s tough and
wants to fuck me?
Do you believe in the shit you rap?
Go fuck yourself!
[Hook x 4]
This is my city, my turf.
You whores can go home.
From now on it’s hardcore, you loser.
Berlin!!! It’s my city.
There’s no party for you people,
no one can dance here.
My city is now the ghetto.
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°° bitchin' = awesome, really cool, really good. Here are some more examples of how "bitchin'" can be used:

Thanks goes out to Purplelunacy for checking over my French!! Regular smile

¹ Vollkontakt (Sport) = full contact (sport) is any sport
in which significant physical impact force on players,
either deliberate or incidental, is allowed for
within the rules of the game.
² W: probably a reference to West Berlin/West Aggro
³ friss den Bordstein = curb stomping = To place someone's mouth
on a cement curb, and then stomp on their head from behind
to break out their teeth.
⁴ toy = novice, especially in graffiti writing.
⁵ straight translation: keiner freut sich = no one will be happy.
“Nobody cares” works too.
⁶ bang on trend = very fashionable
⁷ Amphetamin = (sl) speed
⁸ Born 2 Kill: http://www.born-2-kill.com/1,000000403890,8,1
⁹ Homo: a derogatory term for a gay man.
¹⁰ Bezirk = district. “my turf” = an area
where a street gang calls their own.
¹¹ Tempelhof, Schoeneberg: suburbs of Berlin.
¹² Panzer auf dem Feld = the tank on the field.
Meaning: the strongest there is, the best of the bunch.
Crème de la crème = the best there is, the blue blood, the jet set.
¹³ And if she’s tough: sometimes in English
you can put a gender (male/female) on things,
though they are an it.
Example: the old girl made it up the hill
(speaking of a old broken down car driving up a hill).
This is one of those times where “she,” referring to Berlin, works.
¹⁴ Jay Joe = cocaine; blow = cocaine.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Regular smile


Berlin (explizit)

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