BACHATA ROSA (Bachata Rosa)

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i give you a rose
I found it on the way
I dont know if it's naked
or has just one dress
If the summer waters it
or she (the rose) gets drunk from forgetting things
if she once was loved
or it has hidden love
oh oh oh oh mylove
you are the rose that gives me warmth
you are the dream of my loneliness
a blue lethargy, an eclipse of the sea
but oh oh oh oh mylove
I'm a satellite and you are my sun
a universe of mineral water
a space of light that only you fill, my love
just an interjection, something like "oh! My love"]
I give you my hands
My drooping eyelids
the deepest kiss
that drowns in a moan (the kiss drowns in a moan)
I'll give you an an autumn
a day between April and June
a ray of hope
more like "hope" or "dream"]
a naked heart
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Bachata Rosa

Te regalo una rosa,
La encontré en el camino.
No se si esta desnuda,
O tiene un solo vestido.
No, no lo se.
Si la riega el verano,
O se embriaga de olvido.
Si alguna vez fue amada