This is German (This is Deutsch)

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This is German

This is German
One - two. Sunlight.
Diligence is a virtue, truth is a duty.
Sir, yes, Sir!
We are German roboters
Three - four. Starry night.
Work done. Well done!
Tough goals, aiming high
The machine is running perfectly
Correct - perfect!
We have to procreate
To convert the world to salvation
Born to serve
Resurrected from ruines1
This is German. Repeat! This is German.
Left - right. In a square.
Kindergarden - tin soldier
Always on time - always correct
Because there is something German in us
Correct - perfect!
Five - six. Surveilled
Stand still - well done
Your left - go on
German citizen - Thank you very much
In step - exact!
We have to procreate
To honour the Lord
Bred for victory
Chosen and never content
This is German. Repeat! This is German.
One - two. Up and down.
Three - four. Again and again.
Five - six - seven -eight
We are Germany!2 Well done!
One - two. Up and down.
Three - four. Again and again.
Goose step, Hofbräuhaus3
And The Program with the Mouse4
This is, This is, This is German!
  • 1. reference to the first line of the GDR's national anthem
  • 2. reference to the slogan of an image campaign of the German government
  • 3. a famous beer hall in Munich
  • 4. a popular TV program for children
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This is Deutsch

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N1ng3n     February 3rd, 2011

Awesome translation, 5 stars! Just one small typo: make "roboters" "robots". I would've missed out on all those cultural references and would've been very confused, thank you.