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Should I start english requests for every song of erkin koray ?
i find him to be an outstanding artist and could listen to every one of his songs.
Would it be too many requests, and should i keep it lets say 3 or 7 or so at a time ?

I don't know how quick some folks can translate turkish and how many turk speakers there are...
If there's any sources where I can "harvest" existing translations i'm thankful...


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Hello I will try to help you. I will translate the songs recorded in LT.

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cool i have one of his cd's that I listen to sometimes. I wil start with adding all songs on that cd..

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Yes, it is a cool singer. The lyrics are not that hard to understand... I can translate some for you, I did already one translation "ask oyunu" . Thanks for adding the songs.

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yes he's the perfect artist. lyrics are short and sweet. but songs have a serene quality to it and go very deep.. I always try to find 2 or 3 good artists for each language and then concentrate on them.

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I'm here to help Regular smile I'll translate them as well.

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this is so awesome of you all. you can as well translate into french, german or spanish, if thats less work for you, i can do the english. i always pick english cause i think almost the whole world now speaks or at least understands english. and i love to make music accessible.