Step on the gas (Gas do daske)


Gas do daske

Zovem je, zovem, da mi se vrati
uporan sam i noci ove
a ona uvek ceka da zaspim
pa onda dodje mi u snove
Nece mi, nece san na oci
ali me vino hoce bas
uzalud svi mi kazu koci
sto se opijas
A ja sam gas do daske dao
i vise nemam sta da dam
kad vidi draga da sam pao
vratice se, znam
Sedam kafana, za sedam dana
za svaku noc sto nisam tren'o
moje je sve sto je popijeno
a njeno sto je razbijeno
Submitted by MayGoLoco on Mon, 19/03/2012 - 16:46
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English translation

Step on the gas

I'm calling, calling her, to come back to me
tonight I'm also persistent
but she always waits for me to fall asleep first
and then enters my dreams
I'm not, I'm not sleepy at all
but the wine is really intoxicating me
in vain everyone says to me
'stop, why are you getting plastered'
But I stepped on the gas
and have nothing more to give
when she'll see that I've fallen
I know she'll come back
I've spent 7 days in 7 cafe's
for every night I haven't slept a wink
all the glasses which I've drunk are mine
and all the glasses which are broken are hers
Submitted by MayGoLoco on Mon, 19/03/2012 - 16:48
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