Honduran National Anthem (Honduran National Anthem - Himno Nacional de Honduras)

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Honduran National Anthem

Your flag, your flag
is a piece of sky
crossed, oh crossed
by a dash of snow.
And on its hallowed ground can be seen
five stars of a pale blue.
On your crest, that a clamorous sea
shields with its roaring waves.
Beyond a volcano, beyond a volcano
its top bared
there's a star, there's a star
of radiant light.
Indian, virgin and beautiful you slept
to the resounding chants of your sea,
when, lying in your golden banks
the bold navogator found you,
and awe-struck at beholding your beauty
under the perfect thrall of your charm,
the blue hem of your splendid cape
sanctified with his kiss of love.
Of a country where the sun rises,
beyond the blue Atlantic,
that man that had dreamed of you
and set out to sea looking for you.
When you raised your pale forehead,
on the living anxiety of your longing,
under the gentle dome of your sky
a strange banner already floated.
It was useless that your beloved, the indian
wrathfully prepared for the fight,
because, his Lempirian blood wrapped around him
he sunk into the depths of night.
And of the epic deed, in his memory,
only the legend has been kept,
the place of its burial unknown to all
and the stoic profile of a crag.
For three hundred your children heard
the imperative call of the master,
for three centuries your useless call
got lost in the blue air.
But one day, glory, your ear
sensed that, powerful and distant,
that far away, across the Atlantic,
a lion roared in indignation.
It was France, the free, the heroic,
that asleep in his centuries long dream,
awakened, infuriated, to life
at the virile call of Danton,
it was France, that sent forth to death
the head of the consecrated King,
and that built, proud at its side
the altar of the goddess Reason.
You too, o homeland! did rise
of your deep, servile sleep
and you, too, showed the world
that laid in pieces the infamous link of your chain.
And in your blessed soil, beyond the
tall mane of the savage mountain,
like a bird of black plumage,
the short-lived colony was lost.
So as to keep this divine crest
O homeland, we'll march into death.
Our luck will be generous
if we die while thinking of your love,
defending your sacred flag.
And many, Honduras, will be your dead
wrapped up in your glorious folds,
but all will fall with honor.
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Honduran National Anthem - Himno Nacional de Honduras

Tu bandera, tu bandera
Es un lampo de cielo
Por un bloque, por un bloque
De nieve cruzado;
Y se ven en su fondo sagrado
Cinco estrellas de pálido azul;
En tu emblema que mar rumoroso


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