Mi gna (Mi Gna)


Mi Gna

Menak em ashxarum
Arants Kez
(Papayi arev)
Tenchum e im sirte miayn kez
Lur tanjvum e hogis
Ari tes
Ari tes
Ari tes
(Ari tes)
Repeat twice
Kez xndrum em mi gna
Mi gna gna gna
Mna im grkum mna
Im grkum mna mna
Srtis sere ktam kez
Menak koghkis du lines
Srtis sere ktam kez
Menak koghkis du lines
English rap
Submitted by Rose McGinnis on Sun, 07/05/2017 - 16:50
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The song is in Armenian and English

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English translation

Mi gna

I'm alone in the world without you
(I swear on my father *)
My heart desires only you
My soul suffers voiceless
come to see
come to see
come to see
(come to see)
Repeat twice
I am begging you don't go (gna)
Don't go go go
Stay in my arms
in my arms, stay , stay (mna mna)
I'll give you the love of my heart
Only if you stay with me
* I swear on my father- it is slang (here also joke), and it is translated literal
Submitted by Suzy6633 on Sat, 27/05/2017 - 18:06
Added in reply to request by Super Girl
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For you ) from Armenia