To be at my best or worst (Najbolja il najgora)

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To be at my best or worst

You're too far away
and that deserted island which we wanted
doesn't attract me anymore
Know, even the most confident people
learn from their mistakes
when things go wrong
Therefor I can only be woken
by someone who's more brave
by someone who will be proud of me
To be at my best or worst
it's my prerogative
whether I'm in your past or future
only time will tell
Now I walk through the city
just so no one will see me
these day even tears are in circulation
No one will see me
with my head bent down
I know how to carry my sorrow
Everything's passing somehow
and it'll hurt for a while
blame your conscience when you want to see me again
Well, I'm returning what you gave me
and don't say that there's something missing
when you slander about me
Let's be civil
when we didn't know how to love
atleast we can remember each other in a good way
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Najbolja il najgora

Mnogo si daleko
i više me ne vuče,
to pusto ostrvo koje smo hteli.
Znaj na greškama se uče
i oni koji gaze uvek sigurno,
i kad pod nogama tlo se ljulja namerno.


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