Twenty Years (Veinte años)

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Twenty Years

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Why do you care I love you,
if you don't love me anymore?
The love which has already happened
doesn't have to be reminded.
I was the illusion of your life
one day far away now,
Today I represent the past,
I can't be satisfied.
If we could reach
the things we want,
you would love me the same way
you loved me twenty years ago.
With such a sadness we look
at a love that is gone.
It is a piece of the soul
that is started whithout pity.
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Veinte años

"¿Qué te importa que te ame,
si tú no me quieres ya?
El amor que ya ha pasado
no se debe recordar
Fui la ilusión de tu vida
un día lejano ya,
Hoy represento al pasado,
no me puedo conformar.