مست (Mast) (Englisch Übersetzung)



emshab mikham mast besham
asheghe yekdast besham
bedoone to nist boodam
emshab mikham hast besham
ye joone naghabeli hast
bezar fadaye to beshe
beyofte zire ghadamat
ke khake paye to beshe
kohne sharab
emshab bal o param bede
harfe nagoofte kheyliye
jorate bishtaram bede
emshab mikham harf bezanam
khande konam, gerye konam
lotfi kon ey saghi
o may chandeen barabaram bede
emshab par o bal daram
shor daram hal daram
emshab to in sine deli khosha bar ahval daram
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I wanna be drunk tonight
I wanna be a real lover
I wasn't alive without you
I wanna be alive (with you)
there is a trifle soul(in my body)
let it adore you
let it fall under your feet
let it be your feet's dust
O old wine
give me feather tonight (actually: let me fly tonight)
there is still a lots of word
give me more courage
I wanna say my words tonight
(I wanna) laugh and cry
O Cupbearer, please
give me more wine
I have feather tonight
I'm excited
I have a happy heart in this breast tonight
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