Как много тех, с кем можно лечь в постель (Kak mnogo tekh, s kem mozhno lech' v postel') (English translation)

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How many of those, you can take to bed

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How many of those ,you can take to bed,
How so few of those, with whom you want to wake up...
And in the morning, while leaving, turn around,
And smile while wave goodbye,
And anxiously waiting for a news all day.
How many of those, with whom you can simply live,
Arguing and talking, drinking coffee in the morning...
Someone you go with on weekend to the sea,
And ,as expected - in happiness and grief
To be beside each other... While not in love...
The one's you want to dream together, how few of those!
To watch how clouds swarming in the sky,
On virgin snow the words of love to write,
And only think about one and only person...
And greater happiness not to wish for and not to know.
How few of those you can be in silence with,
Who understand you from unfinished words and half a glance,
To one, that you would give without a pity year after year,
And for the one, that you can, like a prize,
Take any pain and any execution...
This is how rigmarole winds it's way-
Easy encounters and painless break ups...
All because , that too many of those you can take to bed.
All because so few of those you want to wake up with...
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Как много тех, с кем можно лечь в постель (Kak mnogo tekh, s kem mozhno lech' v postel')

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