Wael Kfoury - Sorna Soloh (صرنا صلح) (English translation)


Sorna Soloh (صرنا صلح)

.هلأ صرنا صلح
.ما في خسر أو رابح
،لان أنا و ياك
.صرنا جرح بجرح
.هلأ صار عندك فكرة كيف الوجع بكون
.و صرت تعرف كيف ياني ألبيحبك بخون
،و كيف بتعزك الديني
.لما العشرة بتهون
.كل جروحي تحملت، و عزابي بهوىك
،هذه الاشياء لازم انساها
.تا اقدر انساك
،و تا حتى ما خلي عليي
.الدمعة اللي تركتها بعيني
،قررت ردلك هيي
. يسواني ما يسواك
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English translation

Now We're Even

Now, we're even.
There's no loss or win.
Because me and you,
we're now a wound for a wound.
Now you have an idea of how pain can be.
And you now know how the one who loves you can cheat.
And how the world falls apart,
when the love is meaningless.
All my wounds that I bared, and my struggle in your love.
These things I must forget,
to be able to forget you.
And to be able to not keep on me,
the tear that I left in my eye.
I decided to return it to you,
it's worth it to me not to you.
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